To Begin With

“Cheese Sticks” cracker meal crusted house made pimento cheese, sweet pickles, honey-bacon Marmalade…8

Oysters Tallulah, corn meal and cracker fried oysters, spicy bacon jezebel sauce…9  

 Farmer’s cheese and herb Gnocchi, lump crab, oyster mushroom, extra virgin olive oil, coarse sea salt…12

Corn and crab beignets, Sriracha come-back sauce…10

Brussels sprouts, house made sweet garlic chile sauce, sugar cane and soy glazed pork belly, and shaved red onions…12

 Tuna: tartare and seared rare, ginger aioli, crostinis, wasabi cucumber salad, and cane syrup ponzu…16

Southern charcuterie: served with mustard, honey, cornichons, nuts, fruit, fig jam, and crusty bread

Chef’s selection of artisan cheeses and traditional charcuterie…enough for 3…18 enough for 5…27

Roughage and Comfort  

Caesar salad: half head romaine, house made dressing, pickled white anchovies, garlic croutons, shards of crisp parmesan…10

Charred cauliflower, melted leeks, crusty bread, bagna cauda, shaved parmesan, radicchio…9

Craine Creek mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, onion, raw cane sugar-champagne vinaigrette, toasted pumpkin seeds…8

Gumbo, shrimp, sausage, dark brown roux, rice…   8/12

Butternut squash bisque, blue cheese, cane syrup drizzle, fried sage…   6/10


Seared scallops, bibb, frisee, charred onion, sweet potato, Bill E’s Bacon lardons, black pepper maple dressing, crispy walnuts…18

Hanger steak and eggs, potato hash with tasso and farmer’s cheese, sunny side quail egg, grilled scallion chimichurri…20

“Chef’s” salad, grilled romaine, hardboiled egg, shaved onion, blue cheese, tomato, green peppercorn buttermilk dressing, 

sliced ribeye cap steak, Bill E’s Bacon…25 

Supper from the Sea

Shrimp and grits, grainy mustard cream sauce, peppers, onions, sausage, gruyere grits…29

Mobile ya’baisse, seasonal fish and shellfish poached in a tomato saffron fume, fennel, leeks, garlic, crusty bread…34

Pan roasted red fish, dirty risotto, green beans, tasso and crawfish sauce Coden…36

Grilled Skuna Bay salmon, charred cauliflower, wilted spinach, roasted garlic-lemon schmear, olive oil…30

Supper from the Beast

Chicken and rice, cashew and coconut crusted breast, cilantro lime basmati, lemongrass- ginger- lime curry, bok choy…27

Grits and “grillades”, wagyu boneless short rib, blue cheese and roasted mushroom grits, 8 hour shallots, tomato pan gravy…34

Tournedos, two 5oz bone in filets, roasted garlic Boursin mashed potatoes, broccolini, roasted shallot demi…39

Lamb rack, Brabant potatoes, mint chimichurri, farmer’s cheese, wilted spinach…42

Pork-o bucco, confit pork shank, shrimp, crawfish and sausage cornbread pudding, collards, tomato gravy…30

Center cut filet mignon, steak butter, house made Worcestershire, creamed spinach, Bill E’s Bacon…40

Double cut pork chop, pineapple-cheddar bake with country ham, green beans, and bourbon honey glaze…38

How do you ribeye? Served with twice baked potato, house demi, and steak butter 

City Girl, 16oz bone in filet of ribeye…47   Country Boy, 20oz bone and all…45   Delmonico, dry aged 16oz…50

Better with age, a daily feature of dry aged beef, steak butter, house made Worcestershire…MP 

Supper Embellishments

Gruyere grits, broccolini, wilted spinach, crawfish bread pudding, Brabant potatoes, green beans,

roasted cauliflower, collards, pineapple and cheese bake, curried basmati rice...5

Mushroom-blue cheese grits, roasted garlic and Boursin mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, 

twice baked potato, and dirty risotto…7

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions

*No substitutions please, however, any substitutions requested are subject to discretion of the chef and will be charged accordingly
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